A.I. Chuprov — Formation of the Russian Tree of Economic Sciences

#7. Foresight Boom
A.I. Chuprov — Formation of the Russian Tree of Economic Sciences

Rector of the Moscow University, Academician V.A. Sadovnichy signed an order to conduct on December 14, 2017 the interdisciplinary conference “A.I. Chuprov — the great son of Russia” in order to actualize his educational and scientific heritage, dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the birth of an outstanding Russian economist, graduate of the Moscow State University, in 1874–1899 head of the department of political economy and statistics. The aim of the article is to reveal the role of Chuprov in forming the Russian tree of economic sciences, to show the role of the great scientist with a world name in creating a system of economic knowledge and uniting scientists in the field of social science, all the surrounding sciences that make up ideology of the country.


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