About the concept of «Strategic Forecasting»

Based on the study of the regulatory framework and comparative analysis of concepts, it is concluded that strategic forecasting should be considered as a special kind of forecasting, which is not identical to long-term and long-term forecasting. The principal specificity of strategic forecasting is its organic involvement in the complex of strategic management with the system of goal-setting. This determines the additional content of the logical scope of the concept.

Organization of development of the state strategic forecast

Development of the strategic forecast is presented as a multicomponent complex, which includes the following sub-complexes: strategic goals and objectives; objects of strategic forecasting; subjects of strategic forecasting; organization and management of the development of the strategic forecast; scientific and information support; staffing; countering illegal activities in the development and implementation of strategic forecasts; documentary support. In the absence of Russia’s system to develop a scientifically sound strategic forecast as a temporary measure, it is proposed to develop an annual integrated analytical review of the world strategic forecasts.

The Russian Economy in 2017–2019 — Results and Trends: in Anticipation of Change

#3. For Nothing, or an Invisible Threat
The Russian Economy in 2017–2019 — Results and Trends: in Anticipation of Change

The article examines the macroeconomic results of 2017 and provides an analysis of problems related to overcoming risks and threats that hamper the acceleration of the development of various spheres of the economy. Comparisons are given of trends by the development of the Russian and world economies on the dynamics of gross domestic product (GDP) and other macroeconomic indicators. The forecasts of macroeconomic indicators for 2018–2019 are given.