Contemporary Approaches to Economic Stimulation Using Financial Instruments

DOI: 10.33917/es-8.166.2019.24-29

The Russian economy needs in adequate financial policy in the environment when other countries use actively financial stimulation measures, among which are protectionist measures, aimed at the growth of activity and defend of national economy. Contemporary financial protectionist measures often are not subject of international conventions that increase international trade and capital flow transparency. Countries use non-market mechanisms to support their national business in the competitive environment. Such mechanisms entail risks and opportunities for countries, as well as for business (large business in the first place). It’s necessary for Russian regulators to consider thoroughly approaches of other countries and broaden instruments they use

Russia’s Foreign Economic Strategy in the Context of a Changing Model of International Economic Integration

#1. Minds Confusion
Russia’s Foreign Economic Strategy in the Context of a Changing Model of International Economic Integration

Existing model of international economic integration faces a number of limitations impeding further development of globalization. Using the example of the US metallurgical industry, the article shows that globalization can cause negative consequences for the developed countries economies, including the erosion of national security. The work notes the presence of a discrepancy between the target and ideological purposes of the “Foreign Economic Strategy of the Russian Federation” and the changed external conditions for the national economy development. Normalization of the imports presence in the domestic market is a necessary step towards diversifying the economy and increasing non-commodity exports. In the new model of international trade, which is formed on the basis of China’s foreign economic relations, Russia may occupy a niche of infrastructure solutions supplier in the field of energy, technologies of natural resources extraction, as well as military equipment and weapons to ensure the sovereignty of countries that extract and export natural resources.