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#10. Russia Concentrates?
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In his interview with the “ES” the economist V. Katasonov, revealing the nature of the monetary civilization, goals, objectives and methods of the global financial elite, proposes a way to get rid of destructive illusions, encourages the elite and society to draw a lesson from the century ago events and to be prepared for confrontation with the West. Such purely economic phenomenon as finance, money are analyzed in the course of the conversation not like having self-development, but like metaphysically conditioned, and spiritual culture is considered as the key to understanding modern civilization, especially in its most grounded form — economic development.

While Stagnation in Russian Economy Does Not Transform Into Recession, There Won’t Be Any Serious Adjustments in the Country’s Financial Market

#4. Cognitive Dissonance

If Russia has recourse to Eurasian integration it will inevitably get rid of the dollar, multinational corporations and oligarchic system.