Author page: Yuri Ilyin

Existential Necessity for Dominance of the “Quality” Category in Socio-economic Development of the Russian Federation as Part of the Global Anthropogenic World

DOI: 10.33917/es-7.173.2020.100-109

The evolution of man-made technological society to the scale of the global system has changed the whole nature of social reproduction. The modern global biosocium “rests” on the quasi-closure of the main subsystems of our planet — the biosphere and planetary matter, their quantitative limitations. It is impossible to remove (resolve) this contradiction under the dominance of the category “quantity”, in the conditions of the promoted flywheel of the consumption society. The aggregate “amount” of public reproduction already crosses the boundary of the category “measure”. Therefore, the development of the global technological biosocium (noosphere), its relationship with the biological and basic planetary subsystems enters the zone of existential bifurcation, in which the likelihood of the appearance of the effect of a “butterfly” capable of destroying all humanity increases sharply. The authors justify the acute existential need for the priority of the “quality” paradigm in the social reproduction of the Russian Federation by its special position in the global world, the bifurcation state of the entire anthropogenic technological civilization and the socio-biological nature of man.