Author page: Valentina Dobrokhleb

Strategy of Socio-Demographic Development of Russia and the Main Guidelines for Social Doctrine of the Russian Federation in 2025–2030


The article analyzes the current situation and long-term strategy in the sphere of fertility and mortality in Russia. Methodology for elaborating the social doctrine of the Russian Federation in 2025–2030 is addressed

Factors and Prospects for Overcoming the Socio-Demographic Crisis in Russia

DOI: 10.33917/es-5.171.2020.74-81

Demographic crisis remains one of the main challenges to socio-economic development of Russia. The COVID–19 pandemic

has aggravated preconditions for a possible recovery from depopulation. The present article substantiates the need to develop and approve the RF social doctrine upon completion of national projects in 2018–2024. The authors suggest their own approach to overcoming the socio-demographic crisis with regard to the long-term demographic dynamics in Russia. Various scenarios of the “post-coronavirus” future of both specific countries and the world as a whole are proposed