Author page: Bratarchuk Tatyana V.

Compliance control system as a tool for economic security of an oil and gas company (on the example of PJSC «NK Rosneft»)

DOI: 10.33917/mic-5.94.2020.44-54

Today, oil and gas enterprises operate in a difficult, frequently changing system of regulatory legal documents, including both national and international acts governing various business processes. At the same time, this system is complemented by sanctions measures that significantly limit the activities of Russian oil and gas enterprises, as well as related organizations. In this regard, the role of the compliance function is increasing, aimed at bringing the implemented business processes in line with the provisions of regulatory legal acts. This process allows to minimize the possibility of committing offenses by employees of the enterprise and exclude the financial losses associated with this possibility.

The article examines the corporate compliance system of PJSC «NK Rosneft», identifies the elements that make up it, determines the features of risks, external and internal threats to the company’s economic security, suggests measures to eliminate them and reduce risks, and provides factors that affect the control environment.