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In 2019, Russia is undergoing a global transformation of the procedure for challenging the cadastral value used by property owners to reduce taxes. As of mid-April, the pre-trial challenge procedure does not work de facto in the country

Appraisal Market Awaits Transformation

Irina Komar, Managing Partner of Professional Assessment Group LLC, Vice President of the Union “Federation of Specialists Appraisers”
SRO, member of the Council for Appraisal Activities at the RF Ministry for Economic Development, MRICS, in her interview with the ES magazine told about the most important legislative changes in appraisal activities.

Features of Formation and Development of the Methodology of Evaluating the Cost of Vital Cycles in the Russian Economy

The importance of the formation and development of the life cycle cost assessment methodology in the Russian economy is determined by the need to supplement the practice of valuation activity with its new variety — assessment of the life cycles of goods, works, services or systems of a technical or production-economic nature. The analysis showed that in the valuation activity it is necessary to use not only traditional types of values, such as market, liquidation, investment and cadastral, but also a new type of value — life cycle assessment for total costs, estimation of cost of ownership, as well as assessment of the value of contracts for life cycles. The actualization of the life cycle value assessment as a special type of valuation activity is associated with the development of the global economic trend of managing goods based on their presentation as life cycles. Summing up the value of the goods in exchange with their value in use, it is possible at a certain period of ownership to obtain the integral value of the cost of the life cycle or cost of ownership. The aim of the study is to summarize the domestic experience and features of its development in relation to the use of the methodology for assessing the cost of life cycles as a special direction of valuation activity in the Russian economy, taking into account the review of foreign analysis in this area. The research methods were used in the form of a set of interrelated methodological approaches based on expert assessments, retrospective analysis, forecasting, comparative, cost and income assessment methodologies, economic and mathematical modeling, as well as logical, technical, economic and situational analysis. The article summarizes the results in the field of the genesis of valuation activity in the domestic economy regarding the cost modeling of life cycles, highlighting the main stages of their development. A review of the main existing methods for estimating total costs is given and their characteristics are given. Shown excursion assessment in a foreign economy. Debatable questions of the methodical modeling of the valuation of life cycles and life cycle contracts have been disassembled and highlighted

Tax Fluctuations

On March 12, 2019, the State Duma rejected in its first reading the draft federal law № 438588-7 “On Amendment to Article 3 of the Federal Law “On State Cadastral Valuation” in connection with adopting the Federal Law “On Amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation regarding the exclusion of the fiscal base identification in respect of objects under taxation on property tax of individuals and tax on property of organizations on the basis of their cadastral value”. A little earlier, the Just Russia party initiated amendments to the Tax Code in order to exclude the concept of cadastral value from the tax base. In an interview to Valentina Nikolskaya, a special correspondent for the ES magazine, Valery Karlovich Hartung, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship, Deputy Head of the Just Russia faction, told about the essence of these bills.

Formula of the Cadastral Value

In the conversation with Valentina Nikolskaya, special correspondent for the ES magazine, Vasily Maksimovich Vlasov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Property and Land, member of the LDPR faction, told about the pros and cons of the new procedure for determining the real estate cadastral value that came into effect on March 2019

Pit of Ten and a Half Miles Deep, or the Deadlock of Strategic Dualism

Analysis of the main trends in the Russian appraisal industry showed that in modern conditions the main competitive advantage of the company operating in the appraisal market is its adaptability, ability to form and promote its own brand, performers’ qualification, allowing to quickly increase the quality of rendered services, attention to technological and organizational innovations. Namely to these criteria correspond the companies included in the top 50 most strategic Russian appraisal companies