Russia — Shaping the Future. Remarks by a non-economist

#3. Countdown
Russia — Shaping the Future. Remarks by a non-economist

Many different opinions on the prospects of the Russian economy were expressed by the last economic year results: from restrained-optimistic to very pessimistic ones. At the Davos forum our representatives (from government and big business) as usual (learned) in a businesslike tone not admitting objections were speaking for some reason to the whole world about the internal developments of the Russian Federation and the problems, which are not of interest to anyone but ourselves. It is practically impossible to draw up conclusions from these statements about how we will ensure sustainable development and what role we define for Russian economy in the world economic system. Nevertheless, let’s look at the situation from a viewpoint of non-economist.

Historical Debate between Capitalism and Socialism as a Dialogue of Cultures

#6-7. Springs of Surprises

Wealth is valuable only to the extent that it contributes to social progress, to spiritual and moral development of society and the individua.

Globalism — a Multi-Polar World: the Future or the Past?

#3. Green question

The Great Spirit of Capitalism woke powerful creative forces of man. But at the same time it released the demons of personal success and enrichment, sworn by world religions. And along with the great human achievements they caused new disintegration of society into slaves and masters.