Author page: Yury Yakovets

The Law of Polarization and Socio-Political Partnership in Crisis Situations

#5. Cultural Revolution

The law of polarization and socio-political partnership in crisis situations is the development and confirmation of the theory of crises and ways out of them, an addition to the social law of totalitarianism and freedom fluctuations, discovered by Pitirim Sorokin, and to negative and positive trends in religious and local polarization, formulated by him.

Whirlwinds of Global Risks and Russia’s Development Strategy. On Strategic Directions of Development of IT-Industry in Russia

#3. Expectation of Light

December 9, 2010 the Russian Academy of Sciences hosted the tenth jubilee session of the Global Strategic Forum on the theme “Whirlwinds of Global Risks Development Strategy of Russia”. During the second block of the Forum leaders of Russian IT-sector presented a report “On strategic directions of IT-industry development in Russia”, prepared by a working group within the Information and Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT) in cooperation with the Institute for economic strategies.