Author page: Gennady Kudryavtsev

About Architecture as a Systemic Approach to Enterprise Development in Digital Transformation of Business

DOI: 10.33917/es-7.165.2019.106-117

In the article, enterprise architecture is characterized as a “system of systems”, covering the business strategy of the company, IT architecture and IT strategy and representing a multidimensional system of interconnections and interactions controlled by the architectural process and ensuring cumulatively the implementation of the company’s strategic goals. It is demonstrated that in the context of digital transformation, the speed of enterprises’ technical and structural changes should be extremely high, otherwise organizations won’t be able to implement their strategies and transform their structure and new competitors will have a chance to gain certain positions. Processes of technological changes that require new organizational capabilities deserve particular attention in a digital environment. The paper sets out an approach to developing an innovative business model as a focused system of organizational changes based on a systemic technological basis typical for high-tech enterprises rather than on innovative products or processes. It is shown that the role and place of strategy in the digital enterprise activities, unlike enterprises operating on the third and the fourth generations technologies, change significantly due to the different organizational structure of modern companies, where the strategy is integral to architecture. In these conditions, the strategy stands out as a tool for the enterprise development and for implementation of its goals. Discussion of systemic concept of Enterprise’s Architecture (EA) as a whole is the purpose of the present article

“Enterprise Architecture” — the Conceptual Framework: Practical Applications and Development Prospects in the Current Context

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“Enterprise Architecture” — the Conceptual Framework: Practical Applications and Development Prospects in the Current Context

Information economy is forcing management to redefine drastically the business models of managerial decision making by leveraging the aspects of interdependence and mutual influence of business and information technology and systems. Such interaction, known as the concept of enterprise architecture (EA) in the international practice, opens up new possibilities for an effective strategy of the enterprise. The article analyzes the conceptual framework of EA and considers the tools and the technology of its deployment.