Author page: Andrey Kuzmichev

Nikolay Charnovsky — the New Time Agent

#1. Minds Confusion
Nikolay Charnovsky — the New Time Agent

In the first quarter of the XXth century, just like nowadays, the issues of reorganizing Russian economy were addressed. The most important scientific work of the early XXth century is considered the book of V.I. Grinevetsky. His colleague in the Moscow Technical School N.F. Charnovsky, an outstanding scientist in the production organization sphere, the author of the world’s first manual on management, also contributed to creating the country’s economic power. The article attempts to answer the question of why namely N.F. Charnovsky, as one of the participants of the Industrial Party process, was executed in 1938.

Ethics of Management in Modern Russia: to Analysis of the Problem

#6-7. Springs of Surprises

In a set of the government spells there is something about social responsibility of business, but there are no mechanisms of compulsion to this responsibility. There are riot police detachments, but there is no parliament for negotiations.