The Limits That Choose Us. Reports to the Club of Rome: Schematization Experience


It wouldn’t be too exaggerated to say that today, in the second year of the coronavirus infodemic, we live in a world designed by the Club of Rome. Moreover, here we can speak of “negative geoplanetary architecture”: the Club of Rome did not expand and complicate the current reality, but sought to limit it, to remove some of its significant elements, thereby completely changing not only the structure of the world, but also the paradigm of human existence. And the Club of Rome has succeeded in this, though it is still not clear — for better or for the worse, whether the club acted as an independent actor or as an agent of some forces interested in redistributing world financial flows? Or even acted as a Marxist “historical necessity”. In any case, it has influenced the thinking of intellectuals, economists and politicians of three generations


1. Pereslegin S.B., Yutanov N.Yu. Pis’ma Rimskomu klubu: V kn.: Forrester D. Mirovaya dinamika [Letters to the Club of Rome: In the book: Forrester D. World Dynamics]. Moscow, AST; Saint-Petersburg, Terra Fantastica, 2003, pp. 291–376.

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