New Formats of the Post-Global World

DOI: 10.33917/es-4.162.2019.34-41

Analysis of national projects laid out by the RF Government allows to claim that this project set will not be the very breakthrough strategy, the need for development and implementation of which was stressed by the President of the Russian Federation, at least because the breakthrough can only be “whereto”. And “what for”. These questions should have been met by the Strategy for Social and Economic Development (SED) of Russia. The strategy itself, in turn, was supposed to rely on a basic national concept, such as the GOELRO Plan, the Space Project and others, and the strategic forecast through levels “World” – “Country” – “Region”, which would indicate critical changes. The latter were supposed to serve as a scenario framework for the strategy, to highlight those key potentials, the development of which would provide the greatest positive effect. In addition, the strategic forecast should have outlined the scenario forks as those points where management decisions are necessary. But strategic forecast, commissioned by the RF Ministry of Economic Development, does not meet these requirements and cannot serve as a basis for a new SED Strategy. The article focuses on the basic sense-bearing concept


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