Key Technologies of the Future. Traveling into the XXV Century

#1. Long-Lasting Choice
Key Technologies of the Future. Traveling into the XXV Century

The author studies the global development scenario up to the XXV century, when the population will reach 50 billion people. He considers the option, when the population is located in areas favorable for living and all manufacturing is transferred into the space. This will allow to minimize radically chemical, biological and thermal load on the planet. For realizing scenario there is a necessity for key technologies that provide space cargo flow, labor globalization technologies, as well as 3D-construction technologies. The article provides a description of these technologies. It is shown that the main obstacle to expansion into space is rocket technology, which is fundamentally unsuitable for providing space cargo traffic at the level of several billion tons a year. The author considers possibilities of promising technology for bringing out goods into space via stratospheric spaceports. Three groups of future technologies, crucial for development of civilization, are being actively developed. Soon they will become mass technologies, providing a solution to major global challenges.


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