Architecture of the National Data Management System for Creating Proactive Artificial Intelligence

DOI: 10.33917/es-7.165.2019.94-104

The article examines two approaches to formation of a national data management system (NDMS). The first approach is based on applying statistical data for predictive analytics to forecast the future. However, to ensure social progress, a proactive approach is required, aimed at creation of such a NDMS, which can be used to build the future implementing moral values. The authors substantiate that a proactive approach should be based on the principles of economic cybernetics, which allow to develop and introduce proactive artificial intelligence (AI) for improving the economic management efficiency. Its core is a Dynamic Model of Interbranch-Intersectoral Balance (MIIB), representing a system of algorithms for matching end consumers’ orders and manufacturers’ capabilities. The MIIB table, which presents all the relationships of economic agents, defines the architecture of the National Data Management System (NDMS) for the proactive AI functioning


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