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“International Peace Can be Achieved Only Through Interaction of All Interested Parties…”

#1. Event Horison
“International Peace Can be Achieved Only Through Interaction of All Interested Parties...”

The basic foundation for successful development of our country is the Russians’ desire to live in peace and harmony, good-neighborliness and harmony. We, the population of Russia, of different ages and nationalities, beliefs and creeds, representing different social groups, are the people with common roots and common future. “Neither geopolitical pressure nor sanctions have been able to shake the unity of the Russian people, its striving for truth and justice. It is obvious that the unity of the Russian civil nation is not a myth, but a reality”, said the Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Aslambek Baskluyevich Paskachev, member of the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Interethnic Relations, chairman of the Commission of the said Council on Migration Issues and Social-cultural adaptation of foreign citizens, director of the ANO “Institute of Migration and Interethnic Relations”, chairman of the Supreme Council of the “Russian Congress of the Caucasus Peoples”, member of the Central Staff of the All-Russia People’s Front in his interview with the “ES” magazine. This important conversation about achievements in the sphere of interethnic relations, about peculiarities of the national and migration policy in modern Russia, about responsibility of each of us for the future of our common homeland opens a series of interviews within the framework of the partner support of the project “Actualizing the heritage of Russian integration of peoples and cultures in the format of modern Russia’s “soft power” in the Eurasian space”.