Author page: Alexandra Osipova

Managing Student Performance Potential in the Face of Constant Change

DOI: 10.33917/es-5.163.2019.126-133

At the university, undergraduate and graduate students not only develop their creative abilities, master the profession, and learn to cooperate, but also internalize eternal values, ideals, and find the meaning of life. How university can help them unlock potential, find a vocation in the face of constant change? This study aims to shed light on both university environment and its spirit, where students’ personalities, abilities, and motivation became the basis for building educational trajectories. Using case-study as a research framework, we received insights into studying satisfaction and life-purpose orientations of undergraduate students. The findings indicate the need to pay closer attention to first-year students, since their attitudes and deep development motivation are formed at this very educational stage. We propose to use the early differentiation of educational trajectories, which will help preserve and increase the university potential.