Social and Economic Crisis in Russia. Subtotals

#4. Monument up to the Sky
Social and Economic Crisis in Russia. Subtotals

In 2009, the “Economic Strategies” published an article on the crises in Russia [1]. Then there were five crises, including the 2008 crisis. The crisis that began in 2014, in our opinion, is the sixth. Exactly this crisis will be discussed in the present article. We shall consider the socio-economic situation in Russia in 2015. And the main emphasis will be made on the state and prospects of the real sector of the domestic economy. The real sector, according to Adam Smith [2], means extraction of raw materials, production of all types of goods, energy resources, housing and communal services and agriculture. Rendering various services, including financial services, is not considered to be the real sector. The article consists of three parts. The first part is dedicated to external economic and political situation around the Russian Federation. The second part will consider the main processes that took place in the real sector. In the third part, we’ll answer the question of the possible situation evolution in 2016–2017.


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