Financial sovereignty of Russia as an object of knowledge, the basis of which is money and the mechanism of its circulation

DOI: 10.33917/mic-6.113.2023.95-104

In the modern conditions of globalization of economic and other relations, new challenges and threats are emerging in the world. Against this background, specific threats to the financial sovereignty of Russia have become widespread, due to the economic and legal properties of modern «paper» money and their separation from the objective material basis from the equivalent commodity, which results in the absence of a standard measure of value. This problem is very acute in not only economics and finance, but also in law, in particular, in the field of criminal law when qualifying criminal acts of an economic orientation and other areas of economic and legal relations.


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Euro Without Economy or the Time has Come

#8. The Repertoire of Domination
Euro Without Economy or the Time has Come

How and why coins are becoming a source of historical facts or deny them? And how through a coin — as through a magnifying glass — you can look back into the past and see the cultural achievements of predecessors, works of the great sculptors and architects, artists’paintings, joy and tears of the people?