The "Economic Strategies" journal

2019 #3. 2019

Research paradigm of creation industrial association: the theory and practice

In the scientific article the author’s position concerning formation regional industrial association with the base research centre of leading high schools is presented an example of Republic Tatarstan. Classification numbers of sources of design financing with a substantiation of economic feasibility of the project are revealed.

Careful! Renovation!

The article shows the economic essence of the program of housing renovation in Moscow, its harm for the country, Moscow and Muscovites, as well as its attractiveness for developers. The author considers defects of the property right to the earth and their influence on real estate cost. It is put questions of restriction of number of storeys of the housing estate and the termination of construction of housing in Moscow, the removal from its composition of the territories being outside the Moscow ring Road, as well as the termination of the processes of deindustrialization of the capital and the development of industrial production. Need of the balanced development of all territory of the Russian Federation, development of Siberia and the Far East, development of the industry and agriculture is emphasized.

Socio-economic problems of health care in the Republic of Bashkortostan

In the article the state of health care development in the Russian Federation (RF), the Volga Federal District (PFD) and the Republic of Bashkortostan (RB) is analyzed. The study applied indicators of the development of health economics. The target values ​​for 2018 and 2020, reflected in the “Forecast of the long-term socio-economic development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030,” were used as the criteria parameters. This document was developed by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The preliminary assessment of the implementation of the planned indicators of the development of health care in the Russian Federation revealed that in 2015, target indicators for reducing the mortality rate of the population from neoplasms and road accidents were not achieved. In addition, the analysis showed that the ratio of wages of doctors and medical employees to the average wage in the region is below target values, they differ in the regions of the Russian Federation, the Volga Federal District and the categories of employees. The existing problems in health care are solvable only in the conditions of a constant increase in expenditures in this social sphere.

Facility approach in the complex of the methodological bases in the sphere of economic security

Based on the analysis of economic theory and practice, it is concluded that the need for the study of specific objects in the totality of their properties, including to ensure effective economic security, is increasing. In order to deepen the methodological base of such concretization, an object approach is proposed, its potential for the theory and practice of economic systems management and the protection of their economic security is analyzed.

Economic efficiency, financial risks and timing for investment projects implemented with borrowed funds

There is justified the increased need to analyze and evaluate an investment project in the interdependence of its three parties (in three dimension) – efficiency, risks and timing. Specified the concept and proposed the classification of financial risks. The impact of the time parameters of the investment project on its economic efficiency and financial risks has been analyzed. Considered the specifics of the relationship between economic efficiency, financial risks and the time parameters of the project when financing it with borrowed funds.

Current problems of restructuring of the system of engineering education

The article formulates the basic principles of personnel training in the transition to a new technological order. Successful transformation of the Russian economy into the knowledge economy could be carried out if the labor market is oriented towards highly skilled intellectual work. Against the background of a technological breakthrough and constantly changing external variables, the question of the principles that will form the basis for the design of vocational training for technical specialties requires a speedy solution.

Solving the problem of duplication of state obligations to provide free medical care based on the use of the state information system

The article analyzes the system of state guarantees of providing free medical care to citizens operating in the Russian Federation and proposes the direction of improving the accounting of state guarantees on the basis of the principle of «one person – one guarantee». To do this, it is proposed to create an information system of accounting that will allow in the short term to more accurately calculate per capita standards of financing of free medical care, and in the medium term opens up opportunities based on the analysis of accumulated data using elements of artificial intelligence to create predictive models of demand for free medical care in relation to the source of financing, and to work out different scenarios on them.

Issues of managing the extract of fixed assets in the gas producing organization of Gazprom PJSC in modern conditions

This article deals with the management of the disposal of fixed assets in the gas producing organizations of PJSC «Gazprom». The exhaustion of reserves of a number of the largest deposits, the aging of fixed assets (a high proportion of facilities that are operated beyond the standard useful life) determine the increasing importance of managing the disposal of fixed assets. At the same time, issues of managing the disposal of fixed assets are the least methodically developed compared to other stages of reproduction. In recent years, gas extraction organizations of PJSC «Gazprom» have experienced a significant increase in liquidation costs, which is the main type of disposal of fixed assets. In the article, the authors consider the enlarged cost ratios for the liquidation of fixed assets for medium-term planning purposes developed at «NIIgazeconomika» LLC. The issues of formation of sources of financing works on the liquidation of fixed assets and environmental restoration are also raised.

Gasification of Russian regions and development of the use NGV fuel as key drivers of Russian internal gas market growth

The article is devoted to the research of key drivers for Russian internal gas market growth. The author highlights the growth of gasification of Russian regions as one of main factors of internal gas market growth, but its opportunities are limited at the moment. So a new key growth factor may the use of  NGV fuel in Russia. It can cause a positive impulse at the Russian internal gas market in the nearest future.