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Analysis of features of technologically isolated energy distributions taken into account in the development of local energy optimization programs

The article compares the centralized and decentralized energy supply of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, analyzes the energy supply of isolated energy regions of the country. The features of local energy areas are determined, their difference from centralized energy zones is revealed. Recommendations are given that must be considered when creating a program for optimizing the energy of technologically isolated energy regions.

Research paradigm of creation industrial association: the theory and practice

In the scientific article the author’s position concerning formation regional industrial association with the base research centre of leading high schools is presented an example of Republic Tatarstan. Classification numbers of sources of design financing with a substantiation of economic feasibility of the project are revealed.

Efficiency evaluation of investments in construction of underground gas storage facilities in salt deposits: problems and ways of their solution

The increase in the peak daily demand for natural gas in recent years in the autumn-winter seasons confirms the need to further increase the daily capacity of Gazprom’s gas storage facilities, as the main regulators of uneven gas consumption. Peak storage facilities should play an important role in addressing the issue of increasing the daily productivity of UGS. Throughout the world, the peak storage facilities are underground gas storage facilities in caverns of rock salt, having high economic efficiency in the conditions of the developed market relations.

The article defines the main effect-forming factors of gas storage in salt deposits and the main problems arising in the evaluation of the efficiency of investments in the construction of this type of UGS in Russia are considered.

Methodological problems of determining the resource support activities of the national program «Digital economy»

DOI: 10.33917/mic-6.89.2019. 14-21

The purpose of this work is to substantiate methodological approaches to determining the cost of activities of the national program «Digital economy of the Russian Federation». The article presents an analysis of the compliance of this program with the requirements for the structure and content of state programs established in the «Guidelines for the development and implementation of state programs of the Russian Federation» (enacted by the order of the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation dated December 26, 2012 № 817). As a result, the main shortcomings were identified and proposals were formulated to improve the level of validity of the main indicators-the volume of financial resources and economic efficiency of measures.

The paper proposes a methodological approach to determining the cost of major activities of major national programs. As a method of solving the problem, it is proposed to use not one but two methods, namely, expert and correlation-regression analysis.

Criteria for evaluating energy efficiency used for the development of local energy optimization programs

DOI: 1111

This article is devoted to the definition and description of energy efficiency assessment criteria used to develop local energy optimization programs. The values of the parameters included in the technical, economic and social groups, which are used to analyze the energy facilities of decentralized energy areas, are disclosed.

Careful! Renovation!

The article shows the economic essence of the program of housing renovation in Moscow, its harm for the country, Moscow and Muscovites, as well as its attractiveness for developers. The author considers defects of the property right to the earth and their influence on real estate cost. It is put questions of restriction of number of storeys of the housing estate and the termination of construction of housing in Moscow, the removal from its composition of the territories being outside the Moscow ring Road, as well as the termination of the processes of deindustrialization of the capital and the development of industrial production. Need of the balanced development of all territory of the Russian Federation, development of Siberia and the Far East, development of the industry and agriculture is emphasized.

Technique of the modified duration as a way of an estimation of efficiency of innovative projects in market economy

In the scientific article application of a method of a duration as most effective way of an estimation of innovative projects on an example regional industrial кластера with the base research centre of leading high schools of Republic Tatarstan is proved.

Russian transnational corporations as global leaders

DOI: 10.33917/mic-6.89.2019.5-13

The paper considers the largest Russian transnational corporations and the possibilities of consolidating their status as global economic leaders. The positions of Russian companies in international ratings are analyzed: Fortune Global 500, The World’s Largest Public Companies (according to Forbs magazine), Top-100 non-financial MNCs from developing countries and countries with economies in transition, ranked by the size of foreign assets and a number of other foreign ratings. The features of the activities of the companies represented in the ratings are established, measures are proposed to strengthen the positions of Russian companies in the global economy.

Impact of prices on imported and domestic natural gas supplies to China

The article identifies the problems of pricing in China for the transportation of natural gas local and imported from Central Asia, as well as imported and local liquefied natural gas (LNG). The works of foreign authors on this subject are analyzed. The author concludes that currently it is necessary to take into account the import of gas to China through the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, which will supply 38 billion m3 of Russian gas per year for the Eastern regions of China, as well as other new gas import projects from Russia to China, which will make a significant contribution to the implementation of China’s plans to switch from coal to gas and improve the environmental situation in the country.

Socio-economic problems of health care in the Republic of Bashkortostan

In the article the state of health care development in the Russian Federation (RF), the Volga Federal District (PFD) and the Republic of Bashkortostan (RB) is analyzed. The study applied indicators of the development of health economics. The target values ​​for 2018 and 2020, reflected in the “Forecast of the long-term socio-economic development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030,” were used as the criteria parameters. This document was developed by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The preliminary assessment of the implementation of the planned indicators of the development of health care in the Russian Federation revealed that in 2015, target indicators for reducing the mortality rate of the population from neoplasms and road accidents were not achieved. In addition, the analysis showed that the ratio of wages of doctors and medical employees to the average wage in the region is below target values, they differ in the regions of the Russian Federation, the Volga Federal District and the categories of employees. The existing problems in health care are solvable only in the conditions of a constant increase in expenditures in this social sphere.