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#3. Expectation of Light
2011 #3. Expectation of Light


Efficient Corporate Governance

#3. Expectation of Light

Strangely enough, but good corporate governance, ensuring compliance with laws, standards, rules, rights and responsibilities, enables companies to avoid also the costs associated with legal suits, claims of shareholders and other economic disputes.


State Security under Threat!

#3. Expectation of Light

The President speaks about modernization, but only trifling sum was allocated for those five key areas of modernization, which he outlined in his Address. Funding is neither provided for development of the real sector of economy. You can formulate brilliant ides, you can make world-class discoveries, but there will be nowhere to implement them. We have no machinery construction, no aviation industry, the automotive industry does not develop, robotics is neglected and very little is invested in space.


Strategic Planning System in Implementing the State Policies for Stabilization of the Common Economic Area

#3. Expectation of Light

Evaluation of each subject of the Russian Federation as an object of systematic management of the country’s economy, focus of the state integration policy on the achievement of real strategic goals, such as meeting social requirements and development of socio-economic potential of the country in the long run — all this is lacking today in domestic economic policy.


A New Model of Economic Growth in Russia

#3. Expectation of Light

What kind of financial system is it, in which incredible for other countries losses of foreign exchange reserves, acquired with such difficulty over the decades, occur? It is clear that such financial system needs major adjustments.


Another Reincarnation of the Idea of Russia’s Modernization: the Choice of Model

#3. Expectation of Light

It’s possible to say surely that for many centuries two models of relationship in society co-exist — control (diktat!) or partnership, and predominance of one or another component determines the type of corresponding public formation.


Revolutionary Changes in the Global Financial System and in the Eurasian Economic Community. The Money, their Generation and Control in the Past and the Present

#3. Expectation of Light

In contrast to the U.S. dollar, euro or pound, congested by debt obligations of the corresponding states, there are good prospects for the issue of reserve currency of the Eurasian Economic Community. This role at the present stage could be played by the Russian ruble, especially as there is an objective economic need, defined by the development potential of the Customs Union.


Whirlwinds of Global Risks and Russia’s Development Strategy. On Strategic Directions of Development of IT-Industry in Russia

#3. Expectation of Light

December 9, 2010 the Russian Academy of Sciences hosted the tenth jubilee session of the Global Strategic Forum on the theme “Whirlwinds of Global Risks Development Strategy of Russia”. During the second block of the Forum leaders of Russian IT-sector presented a report “On strategic directions of IT-industry development in Russia”, prepared by a working group within the Information and Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT) in cooperation with the Institute for economic strategies.


Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Priorities of the Russian Business

#3. Expectation of Light

Corporate social responsibility is treated as a new business philosophy, as its voluntary contribution into resolving economic, social and environmental problems of the society.