The Global Economy and Way of Life on the Threshold of a New Era

#4. Cognitive Dissonance

Many claim that it is impossible to reform “socialist” societies, that their collapse was inevitable. But there is the Chinese experience, which does not correspond to this interpretation…

Where is Humanity Going?

#9. Any problem with?

A cluster of the current crisis – is not a sign of the end of history, it serves as an impetus for new immense transformations, including the waves of epochal and basic innovations, which will take probably the whole space of the second quarter of the XXI century, and perhaps even more.

Non-Economic Facets of the Economy: the Unknown Interference

#1. Hollywood as a password

In my opinion, the market overcomes the state because they put an equals sign between business and economy. Business exists within the economy, but not equals to it. And only the state responsible for the economy and for the fates of people, as opposed to business, responsible only for the fate of profits, is capable to represent the interests of society as a whole.