I am an Optimist, and in the Darkest Years I hope for the Best

#8. Is a burden of one’s own choice is not felt?

I come from the era called “dashing nineties”, I represent the team that is believed to have demolished the Soviet Union, destroyed the economy, led our people to poverty. Today they swipe us without trying to understand the essence of the processes, which took place in that period.

Bashkortostan. Strategy for Renovations

#2. Is it reformation on the march?

Bashkortostan has long followed the path of an extremely conservative development. Even in the late 1990s here publicly sounded the slogan: “Let us not allow to destroy collective farms!” And they did not allow it, but in the end it ended badly: both reorganization was not carried out, and the farms were not preserved either…

Strategic issues of development

#9. Any problem with?

This year, more than 100 social sphere facilities and objects of housing and communal services are under capital construction on the territory of the Volgograd region. For this purpose 4.6 billion rubles were provided in the regional budget. It should be noted that the regiondid notbuild social objectsat such a pace and with such large-scale funding for a long time. People’s confidence can be gained only through real actions.

World on the Verge of Social Explosion

#5. Constants Instability

No new world order exists. But complete disorder exists. Those at the bottom of the social ladder think that up there above, there are normal people. They are not. The people above are crazy, mutants that have lost sound logic. They unconsciously commit a suicide, they have no culture, they are alien to the idea of solidarity, they do not feel the residents of our planet.

State Security under Threat!

#3. Expectation of Light

The President speaks about modernization, but only trifling sum was allocated for those five key areas of modernization, which he outlined in his Address. Funding is neither provided for development of the real sector of economy. You can formulate brilliant ides, you can make world-class discoveries, but there will be nowhere to implement them. We have no machinery construction, no aviation industry, the automotive industry does not develop, robotics is neglected and very little is invested in space.

Growth of the Population Through Directive Methods

#1. Hollywood as a password

Our astronauts — it is all an ostentation. There can be no people in the space. Only 10 percent of the earth’s surface, where there is a certain pressure and temperature drop, are suitable for comfortable living. And beyond these 10 percent bone tissue degrades.

There is Always Room for Heroism

#12. Evil People

Foreign policy is not anything immutable. National interest should be permanent. But unfortunately, this rule was not always observed — depending on what group turned out to be at power, the idea of national interest changed. It was especially clearly manifested and had the most detrimental effects during the period of perestroika.