Strategic aspects of realisation of anti-recessionary management of the enterprises of the industry on economic level

In the scientific article the mechanism of anti-recessionary management on which basis are generated strategic alliances the enterprises on an example of an industrial complex is offered.

Strategies of development of medico-economic standards of endovascular treatment

The scientific article summarizes the experience of development and implementation in 2012-2015 medico-economic standards for endovascular treatment of diseases in the clinical practice of medical organizations involved in the implementation of the Moscow regional program of compulsory health insurance and an assessment of their effectiveness. It is concluded that the development strategy of endovascular treatment based on medical and economic standards improves the quality of medical care, improves the routing of patient flows, the intensity of hospital beds and provides effective endovascular care for patients. The standardization of endovascular care is a strategic priority for healthcare development.

Strategic analysis of the use land and property resources of the city of Moscow

DOI: 10.33917/mic-1.90.2020.94-106

The scientific article is devoted to the strategic analysis of the features of the use of land and property resources of the city of Moscow. The focus is on the strategic planning documents currently in force and being developed today in the capital of Russia. Taking into account the analysis of strategic goals and priorities of the land and property policy of the city of Moscow, the medium-term dynamics of the indicators of the efficiency of land use and non-residential premises is revealed. On this basis, conclusions are drawn about the need for a systematic approach to improving the socio-economic efficiency of the use of land and property resources of the city of Moscow.

Strategy for the True Digital Transformation of Society

DOI: 10.33917/es-1.167.2020.100-107

The article substantiates the doubt on constructiveness of the existing approach to digital transformation of Russian society. The author proposes types of solutions, which should become the basis for developing the strategy of its actual transformation. It will allow to set requirements not only for application, but also for digital technologies development and to protect society from lagging behind and imitating world economic trends. Outlining the strategic view on goal-setting, the author proceeds from understanding the essence of relationship between the technologies development and development of a society as a culture. The material is developed based on the methods of conceptual analysis and design of organizational management systems

Strategy of Knowledge Systemogenesis in Managing Economic Security of the Socio-Economic System

DOI: 10.33917/es-1.167.2020.136-143

The article presents a new vision for solving the problem of managing economic security of the socio-economic system in the context of a developing knowledge economy through the strategy of systemogenesis for labor activity knowledge. The strategy of knowledge systemogenesis allows to see the labor activity of the socio-economic system holistically, taking into account possible alternatives and evaluating these alternatives in the context of formalized systems and subsystems of subjects’ labor actions. The strategy is focused on maximizing utility of the consumed knowledge of labor actions in the face of an ever-increasing amount of knowledge and differentiating its quality in the sense of utility. This allows to manage the economic security of socio-economic system by optimizing the total and marginal utility of the knowledge consumed in your own systems and in competing with respect to the subject of management ones, as well as to protect own interests in a developing knowledge economy from the control effects of competing management entities


Security Strategy for the Russian Financial and Economic System: Problems and the Ways of Solution

DOI: 10.33917/es-7.165.2019.134-141

The article presents the scientific approach to analysis of problem issues in the security sphere of the Russian financial and economic system. It has been reviewed the some important aspects of statistics, analysis of nonlinear processes, the construction of information and mathematical models of law enforcement unit practice, forecasting and strategic decisions development. Shows the ways to improve efficiency of security strategy for the Russian financial and economic system control.

Business Modeling as a Technology for Creation of New Activities

#5. Longstanding Generation
Business Modeling as a Technology for Creation of New Activities

The article presents the analysis of primary sources on the concepts of business models and business modeling. The mainstream types of approaches to the process of business modeling and their fundamental differences from each other are identified and described. Furthermore, the article describes a situation in which business modeling is used in business practice, such as attracting financial capital and the creation of new activities. In particular, the relationship between necessity for the business modeling with the stages of the emergence and development of the product market is discussed.

Shamanistic Foresight

#8. New Year’s Forces
Shamanistic Foresight

Widely used in Russia, the typical methodology of “high-speed foresight” has a number of shortcomings and limitations. Based on recent discoveries of social anthropology and cognitive neuroscience, a transition to “shamanistic foresight” is possible. The new methodology can be effectively used to form a long-term vision for the future of the Siberian and Far Eastern regions of the Russian Federation.

Strategic Priorities for Developing the Rabbit Breeding Industry in Russia Until 2030

#5. Digital Agitation
Strategic Priorities for Developing the Rabbit Breeding Industry in Russia Until 2030

The article carries out the OTSW-analysis of the rabbit farming, identifies its main competitive advantages and formulates a mission reflecting the strategic idea. At the final stage, the main strategic idea of the industry development is decomposed to the level of strategic priorities, provided by competitive advantages.

International Energy Hubs: New Strategic Model of Integrating Russian Energy Companies in the Global Economy

#4. Monument up to the Sky
International Energy Hubs: New Strategic Model of Integrating Russian Energy Companies in the Global Economy

One of the major goals of political and economic sanctions, imposed on Russia in post-Crimean period, is an attempt of Western geostrategic players to intercept the trade and financial flows between Russia and the countries importing energy and raw resources of Russian or transit origin. These flows are the basis of economic, political and social well-being of Russia. Under extremely severe change of external economic conditions of the Russian energy companies activities an urgent development of a new strategy for their integration into the world economy is required. Such a strategy should be based on the organizational model of the space-stream arrangements and interaction of Russian energy companies, which could be implemented in the most effective way based on the concept of forming energy hubs abroad as a kind of energy infrastructure nodes combining different business profiles of Russian economic agents activities.