Micro- and Nano-Spacecrafts — Problems and Prospects of Creation and Application

#4. Until the Thunder Breaks Out
Micro- and Nano-Spacecrafts — Problems and Prospects of Creation and Application

Realizing the whole complexity of the problem of creating micro- and nano-satellites in our country, the RAS Institute for Economic Strategies jointly with the International Research Institute of Management Problems (MNIIPU) decided to form a large expert opinion on the need for this direction quick development, and then to formulate well-substantiated proposals. To this end, a scientific and practical seminar on “Micro- and nano-space devices — problems and perspectives of creation and application” was organized and held in Moscow on December 21, 2017. At the meeting it was decided to prepare a document based on the foresight research on the above-mentioned subjects. It can become a tool that will create a favorable environment for implementing projects and achieving the goals.

Zigzags of Russian Cosmonautics

#5. Space Like a Punishment
Zigzags of Russian Cosmonautics

How our success was forged and what we need to do in order to make Russia retain the status of space superpower — all this is covered in the interview with the “Economic strategies” of the Board of Directors Chairman of CJSC “Rosobschemash” corporation, Minister of the USSR General Engineering in 1983–1988 (Aerospace industry of the USSR), one of the founders of the nuclear-missile shield of the country, of the orbital space station “Mir” and “Energia–Buran” system, Hero of Socialist Labor, winner of the Lenin Prize, the Prize of the RF Government named after Yuri Gagarin for his merits in the field of space Oleg D. Baklanov.

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#1. Crossing Parallels

Immersion of mankind into the information society, paradoxically, enlarges the spaces of inaccessible and simultaneously proposes new technological possibilities for reducing the uncertainty of events and support of the right decisions.

The Origin of the Solar System, the Earth And the Moon. Existing Theory And Possible Hypotheses

#11. Life resources

One must understand that planetary exploration is of interest not only to deepen our knowledge of the solar system. On the basis of comparative planetology such exploration creates necessary framework for addressing the problems of Earth’s geology.