Institutional Dehumanization as a Meta-Technology of Social Destruction

#7. Hysteresis Loop
Institutional Dehumanization as a Meta-Technology of Social Destruction

The paper studies the dangerous phenomenon of institutional dehumanization that leads to social destruction and stagnation in social development, to blocking the ways of its further historical development. Targeted impact on a person from meta-level of a systemic organization through a global digital platform allows to distort imperceptibly the structure of his needs, which leads to the loss by individuals of empathy and of possibility to implement activities within social and state construction. Institutional dehumanization is characterized by manifestations of terrifying violence, various forms of deviant and delinquent behavior. That is why, it is used as the main chaosintroducing component of the hybrid wars allowing imperceptibly to destroy the sovereignty of state formations, depriving them of the possibility to maintain their original concept and implement accumulation of their own unique ways of existence, state system, culture and science, management structure, as well as their individual and unique mental constructions serving as a model unifying results of socially significant activities. The antidote to dehumanization can become the state support in developing higher moral and ethical needs of the population as dominating in the hierarchy of an individual and society.

Whirlwinds of Global Risks and the Strategy of Russia’s Development. Finals of the Youth Teams Strategic Game

#5. Constants Instability

On December 9, 2010 the Russian Academy of Sciences held the 10th anniversary session of the Global Strategy Forum on the topic “Whirlwinds of global risks and strategy of Russia’s development”. The finals of the strategic game of young leaders and experts teams were held. The format of the strategic game involved the development of strategies for intervention on the topic: “The driving forces and characters of  modernization breakthrough in Russia”.