The Social State as a Platform for Re-Quantization of Reality

The article continues the cycle of works studying the “crisis of crises” of the human population, caused by the “re-quantization of reality” — transition from obsolete forms of zoopopulation to the new psychosocial formation. The first part of the paper [1] has analyzed objective and subjective factors that prevent humanity from perceiving the image of a bright future at the moment of “reality re-quantization” — the quantum transition from outdated forms of zoopopulation to the new psychosocial formation: a sharp increase in the complexity level of all systemic constructions, including society, as well as attempts to preserve the obsolete global world order and stagnation of the mankind development through various methods of social destruction. As an answer to specific Russian question “what to do?” the authors suggest obvious things: revival and transition to the dominance of higher forms of motivation, development of moral and ethical qualities as respective anti-entropic factors and closing technologies as the highest form of the population livelihood — all the above on the social state platform

From a Social State-Guarantee to Insuring State of a Social Credit

#1. Minds Confusion
From a Social State-Guarantee to Insuring State of a Social Credit

Our country’s leading economists almost unanimously note the need for the earliest possible saturation of the domestic economy with financial and human resources to ensure its real growth. That’s why in the present conditions specification of organizational and legal forms, within which the process of filling the national economy with the above resources will take place, seems necessary as soon as possible. To this end, the author proposes to apply domestic and foreign experience of creating special sectoral investment funds (under the insuring guarantees of the state).

From Health Care to Selling Medical Services

#2. The Ice Age

The Russian reality, which has nothing to do with the social system and economic opportunities of the European countries, will inevitably transform the health services market into mechanism of apartheid.