Methods of Digital Economy in Terms of Management and Control Activities in the Real Economy

Currently, problems in the system of economic management have reached the level where a global shift has become objectively inevitable. Implementation of digital economy in terms of public administration and control activities through developing scientific principles in conjunction with situation analysis will provide an opportunity to solve these problems in order to ensure increase in real incomes of Russian citizens. The present article deals with creating a digital economy methodology in the real sector of economy for developing a digital system for economic activity management

Economic Activities in the Grip of Stagnation

#10. Talkative Times

In the conditions of common market restrictions enterprises master new survival strategies to ensure their sustainable production and profit even in the face of uncertainty.

Securitization of Mortgages: the Past and the Present

#4. 25 000 000: Wo dein Рlatz, Genosse, ist?!

It is broad and not properly controlled securitization of mortgage assets that became the fateful “fuse”, which in 2007-2008 led to the global banking, and then to the economic crisis.