Smile of Schr dinger’s Сat. Results of 2019

DOI: 10.33917/es-3.169.2020.114-125

Traditional review of the past year strategic trends presents an analysis of the key components of the country’s integral power economy, foreign policy, armed forces, territory, natural resources, culture and religion, science and education, population, management – according to the original methodology developed by the Institute for Economic strategies. The authors suggest that the past 2019 will become a year of breakthrough in creating a quantum computer — a device that can fundamentally change the trend and the speed of technological development, as it once happened with introduction of electricity into industrial production and life.

Persistent Informationless Classification in the Post-Industrial War and Management of Production Competitiveness

In the works [1–3] it was shown that the ultimate goal of the post-industrial war is to establish (by violent means) exclusive control over evolution direction and speed of a local or global human population. But all such impacts can only be of clandestine nature, eliminating or impeding as much as possible identification of such war waging and its source. In other words, the key component of the post-industrial war management is creation of robust cryptological protection for the fighting parties. The article is dedicated to this problem, being the fourth in a series of publications on the topic “The purpose and nature of post-industrial war” [1, 2, 4, 5]. It is significant that since all the topics of the above series are based on the concept of a post-digital society [6], the stable cryptological protection, which will be discussed below, should also be non-digital, or rather non-informational, as the basis of a non-digital image of the future is analogue synchronization of states with application of the media wave properties. This generally does not require the creation of a management system based on the information parcels exchange [6]

Demographic Phenomenon of BRICS

#7. Foresight Boom
Demographic Phenomenon of BRICS

The article examines the phenomenon of BRICS, which has now acquired a global visibility. The article focuses on the main potential of the BRICS countries — human capital, those demographic resources that, being combined with a growing economy and a standard of living, can break the current picture of the world.

Homo Proponit, Sed Dues Disponit

#1. Choice of Identity
Homo Proponit, Sed Dues Disponit

Institute for Economic Strategies in the project “Strategic Matrix of Russia” again determines the most important strategic trends of the past 2013 by nine strategic matrix factors: governance, territory, natural assets, population, economy, culture and religion, science and education, armed forces, geopolitical environment.

Implementation of State Social Policy in the Sphere of Local Passenger Traffic (in Terms of Rail Transport)

#5. Cultural Revolution

Suburban traffic affects the interests and possibly even quality of life of tens of millions of people, for that reason the problem gains in political significance.