Network neurocognitive management of complex organizations with a political component in fuzzy information environments

The article discusses the organization of information and network events aimed at protecting key points of political management of vital functions of the State on the basis of information and computing tools to operate the operating parameters of neural network monitoring and study the set of data on processes affecting personality. The need for the use of intelligent means of unclean logic and neural networks to support state systems of counterintelligence, surveillance and political governance with respect to subjects available for identification, digital description and analysis of their sociopathicity in relation to state institutions of political governance is justified. Neural network synthesis of digital matrices of key cognitive and psychosocial indicators of individuals and their groups is carried out to detect reactions to the package of political information of any subject using electronic communicative services. On this basis, measures are implemented to manage the metastable states of his personality and to configure cognitive and psychosocial mechanisms of interpretation of reality in conditions of dominance of unreported factors of an information nature (information stimuli).

Why the Future is with Hybrid AI Systems

#6. For the High Norm
Why the Future is with Hybrid AI Systems

The article by Gary Marcus Deep Learning: A Critical Appraisal [1] dwells on the questions about the current achievements of in-depth training and artificial intelligence (AI). The overall tone of the work is pessimistic and tends to rethink the results, even if they are intermediate. Markus makes forecasts and writes about the possible consequences of another hype around AI technologies [2]. The article gives a vision on which direction to move while developing AI systems.

Application of the Theory of Neural Networks to the Feasibility Modeling of Innovative Economy Projects

#11. Empty bowl

  Alternative neuro-semantic technologies of the Russian design should be also present in the market of innovations alongside with traditional software tools