Assessing the Possibility of a Gas Hub Emergence in East Asia

DOI: 10.33917/es-1.175.2021.136-141

The article examines the problem of emergence in East Asia of a regional trading center (hub) for liquefied natural gas (LNG) with its own independent price index, which can become the basis for pricing in long-term contracts for supplying gas to the countries of this region. The author identifies the main factors stimulating Asian players in the gas market to pass to a new pricing system while signing gas purchase contracts. The countries — the main candidates for creating their own LNG hub — are considered. The article analyzes current situation and the prospects for developing regional LNG hubs in such countries as China, Japan and Singapore.

The paper also identifies the main obstacles to creating developed exchange trade of LNG in the Asia-Pacific countries and estimates the most likely places for the emergence of a gas hub.

Asian Energy Ring Represents Formation of a Unified Energy Infrastructure Framework for the Cluster of Key East Asian Countries on the Basis of Unified Energy System of Russia

The Japanese Economy is Going Through not the Best Times

#8. Logic and ethic of fake
The Japanese Economy is Going Through not the Best Times

Financial and economic crisis that has engulfed the world to some extent entails a crisis of previously firm ideas on globalization. On the eve of the XXI century Russia was shocked by events that radically changed its appearance, size, living standards and even the people’s psychology. Serious changes in foreign policy also occurred. Among the variety of issues facing new Russia, a special place was occupied by relations with Japan. Complicated history of bilateral inter-state relations, system of geo-psychological relations East – West and myths abundance have led to the fact that now Japan in many ways is a symbol and image for Russia. Often this image has almost nothing to do with the original. Like a hundred years ago, the most popular in Russia now is Japan, which does not exist. It would not really matter if it didn’t influence so often the serious problems facing our countries. Who and how does form the image of Japan? How real is Japan conceived currently in Russia, does it exist at all? In the interview to Alexander Ageev Ivan S. Tselischev, professor of the Niigata University of Management (Japan), author of the bestseller «Asia’s Turning Point», RAS IMEMO representative in Japan told about peculiarities of Japanese development, originality of Japanese business ethics, his vision of modernization in Japan, organization of big business and the banking sector.