The Structure of Society, Interaction of Its Subsystems and Elements

#6. The Charm of Unattainable Peaks
The Structure of Society, Interaction of Its Subsystems and Elements

The article presents the structural subsystems of society, which are the mechanisms of its support (stabilization or preservation) with emphasis on social relations. The autor analizes the views and opinions of scientists regarding the social organism filling with the basic system elements. Types of social structures are presented, including socioethnic, socio-demographic, socio-spatial, stratification one and others. The definition of social interaction is given with nuances: socio-economic, socio-political and socio-cultural interactions. Interactions and mutual influences of the sources and stimulators of society renewal are defined. The variant of functional conformity of the compatible environment of renewing and subsystems of the society organizations is offered. The assumption on expansion of the society subsystems to seven spheres on the basis of a cyclic model of its development is set forth.

Whirlwinds of Global Risks and the Strategy of Russia’s Development. Finals of the Youth Teams Strategic Game

#5. Constants Instability

On December 9, 2010 the Russian Academy of Sciences held the 10th anniversary session of the Global Strategy Forum on the topic “Whirlwinds of global risks and strategy of Russia’s development”. The finals of the strategic game of young leaders and experts teams were held. The format of the strategic game involved the development of strategies for intervention on the topic: “The driving forces and characters of  modernization breakthrough in Russia”.