Innovators are Struggling With Death

#8. The Repertoire of Domination
Innovators are Struggling With Death

Academician Vladimir Skulachev — the leading Russian biologist with the highest citations rating in prestigious scientific journals, director of the Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology, the MSU professor. The scientist regards study of aging processes as the main direction of his scientific career. And in the last five years he specified an audacious goal: to cancel the aging process in living cells, programmed by the nature, to win a number of geriatric diseases and to postpone death. The project that became one of the few examples of successful domestic innovation, managed to survive in difficult Russian conditions only thanks to private investments.

Innovation Centers: Basic Concepts and Approaches

#7. Pandora’s Deceit
Innovation Centers: Basic Concepts and Approaches

Research parks of various types and sizes are more often considered like effective mechanisms of improving returns on investment in research and development. In addition, innovation parks are considered a proven means, promoting formation of new and increasing competitiveness of existing high-tech companies, as well as creation of new jobs and increase of the general welfare and society stability.

Pyotr Stolypin — Realized and Missed Opportunities in Reforming Russia

#6. Territory Without Aims?
Pyotr Stolypin — Realized and Missed Opportunities in Reforming Russia

The article is dedicated to the reforms of the outstanding Russian statesman Pyotr Stolypin. It reflects realized and missed opportunities to reform the complex socio- economic system of the Russian empire, its economy, social structure , the Army, the Navy, the institutional sphere in general. The article the necessity and the possibility of applying some of the reform approaches and methods of the early 20st century in Russia to the modern practice of reforming and developing the domestic economy.

Metacognitive Functions of Personal Social Network

#5. The Forerunners of Memory

The author believes that recognition of cognitive functions of social network does not deny the existence of an individual intelligence and does not replace it with a collective one. The article dwells on the definition of intelligence as the ability to be able, which develops throughout the whole life, and it concludes that in the network society development of such capabilities more and more depends on involvement in networking.

Competitiveness of Domestic Companies and Corporate Foresight

#10. Talkative Times

Foresight encourages people and organizations to think that they are creating the future today. Herewith it is desirable that the fan of emerging civic initiatives would become the subject of some consent.

International Youth Innovation Forum

#2. Is it reformation on the march?

Advances in the transfer of the Russian economy onto innovative way of development determine its future. The rate of adaptation of high technology, including nanotechnology, largely depends on the interest of business and the whole society in their active application. And therefore the following things become of utmost importance: formation of innovative thinking, awakening of interest in modern technology for development and management of innovative projects among the youth, which is a potential human resource for their implementation. The International Youth Innovation Forum “Russia and the World — 2020” became the site for discussions of innovation and nanotechnology industry development issues.

Application of the Theory of Neural Networks to the Feasibility Modeling of Innovative Economy Projects

#10. Questions and Answers

The human brain is a natural neural network, but model of the brain can be approximately represented in the form of artificial distributed neural network.

Modernization of the National Economy of Russia Within the Framework of Monopolar World Configuration

#7-8. Burning Ground

Our economy today is not in a position to renounce hydrocarbon exports — either from political or economic reasons. And it would have been unjustified.

Modernization: Corporate Governance and Innovation

#9. Plus-minus 40

Practice both of the Soviet and post-Soviet periods show that the policy based primarily on the implantation of new technological solutions and manufactures in the existing management practices can not become the guarantee of success. Perhaps the most obvious example is AvtoVAZ.