Target Centralized Architectures — a Jump in Time for Russia

#6. Territory Without Aims?
Target Centralized Architectures — a Jump in Time for Russia

Creation and management of an integral functional architecture — a prerequisite of a sustainable system of state governance, its controlled development and logic. Transformation of cross-border processes, transition from the current state to the advanced forms of governance are required.

Metacognitive Functions of Personal Social Network

#5. The Forerunners of Memory

The author believes that recognition of cognitive functions of social network does not deny the existence of an individual intelligence and does not replace it with a collective one. The article dwells on the definition of intelligence as the ability to be able, which develops throughout the whole life, and it concludes that in the network society development of such capabilities more and more depends on involvement in networking.

Catharsis or Apocalypse? Analysis of Modernity Through the Lens of Functional and Pathological Systems

#3. Conceptual viruses

Having knowledge on the harmony of functional systems and destructive capabilities of pathological system can guide us through catharsis without plunging into the apocalypse.