State Support of Investment Projects in Industry by the Program of Project Financing

#7. Hysteresis Loop
State Support of Investment Projects in Industry by the Program of Project Financing

Given the recent economic situation in Russia, occurred due to the fall in oil prices and sanctions restrictions it can be concluded that in the foreseeable future, most of Russia’s budget revenues will amount to non-oil revenues. In this connection it is necessary to create conditions for improving competitiveness of the domestic industry and its diversification. This problem cannot be solved without government assistance. The article discusses one of the most important measures of the state support for industrial investment projects implementation — Projects Financing Program (RF Government Resolution of October 11, 2014 № 1044). The article presents detailed specifications, conditions, advantages and disadvantages, as well as results of the Projects Financing Program functioning in 2015. Special attention is paid to describing selection procedures of investment projects and principals with timelines and performance characteristics of each of its stages. Based on the analysis of key aspects of projects selection and funding within the Projects Financing Program a number of recommendations for stakeholders of this process is formulated.

System Foundations of Solving Managerial Problems of Interaction Between Fundamental and Applied Science and Manufacturing Sector as the Main Factor of Russia’s New Industrialization

#2. The Ice Age

The basic trend of world economic development — sustained increase in demand for scientific and technical resources, including innovation.

Russian Economy in 2012-2014: Trends, Analysis, Forecast