Homo Proponit, Sed Dues Disponit

#1. Choice of Identity
Homo Proponit, Sed Dues Disponit

Institute for Economic Strategies in the project “Strategic Matrix of Russia” again determines the most important strategic trends of the past 2013 by nine strategic matrix factors: governance, territory, natural assets, population, economy, culture and religion, science and education, armed forces, geopolitical environment.

Recession Approach

#4. Cognitive Dissonance

The global economy is bringing more and more positive news. Vivid evidence of the general optimistic mood — stock indices.

Why Nobel Prize-Winners in Economics are The Main Culprits of the Modern Economic Crisis (Critical Review, 1969-2009)

#3. Somewhere in Between

Motives of awarding Nobel Prizes in economics began to resemble each other like cars; brands and their manufacturers are different, but the cars are practically identical.

The State in the Economy of the European Union — Impossible to Expand, to Narrow?

#4. Sorrow and Light

The crisis generated by the separation of finance from the real sector can not be considered an occasional phenomenon. On the contrary, such concourse of circumstances is rather natural.