Economic Growth and Inequality: Revision of the Economic Policy


Alexander Nikolaevich Nesmeyanov, one of the most underestimated presidents of the Academy of Sciences, was a great originalminded scientist who opened up organoelement chemistry to the world as an independent science and later on — an artificial food, to which the world turns again after several decades. These milestones of his biography are well known to scientific community, as well as his leadership of Moscow State University during the new complex construction on the Lenin Hills, creation of INEOS and VINITI. 10-years period of his biography, when he was a President of the USSR Academy of Sciences, is much less known. It was in this position that he manifested enormous talent as an organizer of the country’s modern science management system, where the Academy of Sciences played an important role. Many thoughts and deeds of A.N. Nesmeyanov are especially relevant today.

Modern World Crisis and Russia: Diagnostics and Status of Overcoming

DOI: 10.33917/es-6.172.2020.20-31

The purpose of the study is to generalize the conditions that provoke the economic recession of 2020, taking into account the analysis of the pre-crisis dynamics of the Russian economy according to the parameters characterizing its innovative and technological development. The method of studying the relationships between the relevant development parameters is econometric modeling and regression analysis, which allow to identify the specific characteristics of the crisis in the innovative and technological development of the Russian economy. The analysis of the pre-crisis pattern of the movement of labor resources distracted from old industries in favor of new activities, and created specifically for new types of production. The sensitivity of the level of manufacturability to investments in old and new technologies, the influence of innovative agents on the economic dynamics in Russia are determined. The result of the study is the quantitative estimates obtained, which for the Russian economy, in comparison, for example, with other countries confirm the folding of the innovation process in its systemic dimension. Therefore, the diagnosis of the state of this sphere gives a conclusion about its crisis state. The decrease in the rate of economic growth in Russia was accompanied by a decrease in the number of innovative agents, the diversion of resources from old industries decreased, as did the creation of a new labor resource for new industries.

Investment Practices of Russia and Syria: Comparative Analysis

#1. Minds Confusion
Investment Practices of Russia and Syria: Comparative Analysis

Military operations in the Syrian Arab Republic affect foreign investment in the country. Despite this, Russia continues to cooperate with Syria in the investment field. Judging by Syria’s internal potential, peculiarities of its geopolitical situation in the region, as well as international trends and strategies of Russia’s foreign policy, the Syrian Arab Republic maintains its relations with the Russian Federation within the framework of the forces center policy and against the background of the prestige policy. At the same time, towards Russia Syria pursues completely different foreign policy than in relation to other countries. Exploring investment activities in Syria and Russia’s participation in the Syrian economy through investments, the author draws up a conclusion that Russian enterprises’ entry into the Syrian market after the conflict stabilization should be based on the principles of leasing. The most interesting form of cooperation from the Russian point of view will be interaction in the mining industry (oil, phosphates) and agriculture.

New State Planning Committee

#2. Alliance Great
New State Planning Committee

In article mistakes of “the generalized government” on an interval of 2008 – 2016 are considered. It is claimed that they have system character owing to gross blunders in a design of an economic mechanism and incompetence of the head of the government. The conclusion is drawn that local measures it is impossible to change negative tendencies. Change of a control system of economy and creation of a new State Planning Committee is necessary. At the same time the market relations and the relations of property shouldn’t be broken. The designs regulating and planning development of the national economy in the economic developed countries exist for a long time and we need to use their experience only. Specially selected group of scientists, but not the government has to be engaged in reform.

Capital Concentration and Centralization. Similarities, Differences, Economic Importance

#10. Russia Concentrates?
Capital Concentration and Centralization. Similarities, Differences, Economic Importance

In today’s world a profit of certain companies is constantly changing, their mergers or acquisitions are very often. But is it possible to predict these indicators’ behavior or at least to explain how they work behindhand? The answer to this question is related to the capital concentration and centralization concepts and to the corresponding theoretical apparatus developed by Karl Marx. But how does this apparatus work in real life, are all its prerequisites to be performed, are there any factors that it does not consider? Or maybe this whole theory is worth no more than the paper on which it was written? The answers to all these questions constitute the contents of this essay. Thus, the paper considers practical application of Marx’s theoretical theses on capital concentration and centralization.

Social And Cultural Foundation of the Crisis, Its Opportunities and Threats

#12. Evil People

Today we are increasingly in favour of the idea that the first to describe the coming catastrophic crisis without encouraging reservations and without distinguishing those right and guilty, was Russian by origin Pitirim Sorokin.

Local Authorities in France in Terms of Financial and Economic Crisis

#12. Evil People

Over time, the point of view existed in France that financial independence is the tax independence. But recent years changes and decisions of the Constitutional Council showed that if local authorities even have the financial independence, they cannot enjoy any tax independence.

On Stress-Testing of Banks

#11. Life resources

During stress-testing the researcher is not interested in why the “volcanic eruption” happened, as well as in the probability of such event origin. He enquires what will happen to us (a specific bank or banking sector) if this event happens.