Success Transfer

#6. The Charm of Unattainable Peaks
Success Transfer

Each person has his own plans, ideas, dreams. In order to achieve the results desired it is necessary to move systematically, step by step to solution of the set tasks. Possessing technologies for transforming ideas into clearly defined goals and their implementation will help anybody on the difficult way of increasing personal effectiveness. The book by T.M. Kudeshova and S.G. Kudeshova “Effective weekdays. A “low start” to high achievements” will allow to study gradually the whole set of secrets necessary for realizing personal plans, regardless of the sphere of life: family, career, sport, travelling, creativity, education — the book will suit for each of them.

Science as a Natural Resource of Development, Irreplaceable Instrument of a Country’s Modernization and a Global Project

#9. Preserving humanness
Science as a Natural Resource of Development, Irreplaceable Instrument of a Country's Modernization and a Global Project

The article discusses two approaches to assessing the relationship between Science (grasping principles of nature) →Engineering (application of science) →Technology and Innovation (making engineering useful for public good and/or commercial gain) and their role in formation of economy. It is considered in relation to the Soviet history and economic development as well as in conjunction with planning, social policy and education. The philosophy of the process is at attempt to be analysed the achievement of the status of the superpower.

Intellectual Nature as the Basis of the Intellectual Property Institute

#10. Russia Concentrates?
Intellectual Nature as the Basis of the Intellectual Property Institute

Chaotic development of modern society, where the number of new risk factors is constantly and rapidly growing, by many scientists is estimated and predicted as a way to disaster, self-destruction. The concepts of humanity, society or social medium don’t have any scientific fundamentals, so the development vector of these forms is not clear. Perception of humanity is qualitatively changing if it is regarded as the third nature after the inanimate — astrophysics and live — biological. Intellectual nature has evolutionary arisen from biological one due to successful competition of a man with other human animal bodies. Among other organisms a human being turned out to be the most versatile and multifunctional. The same universalism is the major competitive advantage also within the intellectual nature. The article predicts the consequences of introducing the concept and phenomenon of “intellectual nature” into scientific circulation. In this direction Russia could become the world leader and efficiently develop progress in social, technical and fundamental scientific knowledge.

The Theater Begins with a Prayer…

#2. Is it reformation on the march?

When people ask me: “What is the policy of the theater and its main objectives?” — I respond: “Getting close to its title”. As much as we shall be Russians, as far as we shall be the Orthodox, so far we shall correspond to the high title of “spiritual theater”. This is our endevour.