Panacea for Pandemic

DOI: 10.33917/es-4.170.2020.20-29

The article analyzes the causes of an extreme social event in the format of a global pandemic. They are associated with the “re-quantization of reality” — the change of universal attractors of the historical process, which set specific ways of regulating system structures. The old system-forming meaning of the development of society as a Zoopopulation has finally exhausted its regulatory possibilities; the new meaning is just beginning to integrate social elements for the transition to a psychosocial formation. The clash and struggle of old and new causal connections generates causal dissonance, leads to an increase in entropy in social systems, which, in turn, generates an extremum that threatens humanity with self — destruction-an omnicide. The specifics of a possible suicide of humanity is of relative importance: epidemics, earthquakes, asteroid crashes, and other variants of global misery can threaten and increase until a new sense of development dominates the social consciousness.

A real pandemic is the best time for a quantum transition from the old regulation to the new: as soon as the new anthropic principle of managing causal connections prevails, the disease will disappear, and civilization will pass to a new period of its development.

General Trends and Topical Issues of Moscow Demographic Development

#1. Theodicy of the Future
General Trends and Topical Issues of Moscow Demographic Development

The present article analyzes demographic situation in Moscow. It focuses on such topical demographic problems of the city population as migration, birth rate, marriage, length of life, population aging. The author considers the problem of low birth rate as one of the key ones in demographic development of Moscow, without solution of which in many respects it is impossible to cope with the other demographic problems of the capital, such as depopulation of the indigenous population, deformation of the population age structure, reduction of the traditional marriage value. The article presents statistical data characterizing demographic processes in Moscow, it identifies the main trends, evaluates the consequences.

Increasing the Extremely Low Russian Population Life Time — the Most Important Immediate Task

#5-6. Five Scenarios for a Century
Increasing the Extremely Low Russian Population Life Time — the Most Important Immediate Task

The article examines the life expectancy dynamics in Russia in its historic perspective. It analyzes its differences in men and women. The main attention is paid to studying the causes of extremely low life span in Russia compared to other countries. The paper substantiates the ways of priority increasing not only common but also healthy life time, which largely determines the retirement age.

Growth of the Population Through Directive Methods

#1. Hollywood as a password

Our astronauts — it is all an ostentation. There can be no people in the space. Only 10 percent of the earth’s surface, where there is a certain pressure and temperature drop, are suitable for comfortable living. And beyond these 10 percent bone tissue degrades.