Faults of the Market Mechanism and Public Administration Failures: Methodological Aspects

DOI: 10.33917/es-8.166.2019.124-133

The article reveals the essence and forms of market mechanism flaws and failures of public administration. Their interaction in market system and influence on the development of the market economy is shown. The cordusion is: public administration should be based on spontaneous market mechanism, soften its’ flaws and prevent (or efficiently fix) the failures of its performance

Decentralized network structures in economic and political spheres

#9. Execution Excess
Decentralized network structures in economic and political spheres

Network nonhierarchical structures have sufficiently significant potential in business, where they correspond to strategic alliances between firms, inter-firm networks of its autonomous departments, as well as to small network companies, the typical example of which is represented by manufacturing cooperatives. Not less prospects characterize decentralized networks in the political sphere, where we see such important examples as inter-state network alliances, cross-border and global network organizations and movements, advisory commissions and committees under the state apparatus structures and especially network structures being part of the largely non-hierarchical civil society, expressing the citizens’ will and interests in their dialogue with the political system’s hierarchy. On the basis of presented facts the author makes a conclusion that networks in economy contribute to implement the principles of self-managed socialism, and in political sphere – to implement the principles of new type meritocracy, which will be supported by civil society network structures.

“The Money Scream„: the Sunset of a Consumer Society

#1. Crossing Parallels

In terms of consumption Russia was seeking to “catch up and surpass„ the West, but was doing so in a unique style of glare and poverty “all in one„.