China and the New Period in the Global Economy

#4. Monument up to the Sky
China and the New Period in the Global Economy

In this article some international features of China’s policies are analysed — other domestic ones, such as the struggle against corruption are equally important but beyond this article’s scope, while some are domestic Chinese matters it is inappropriate for a non-Chinese citizen to comment on. But, despite this limitation, it is hoped an international analysis focusing on the new period in the world economy, as it interrelates with China, throws some light on developments both in China and internationally.

China’s Bifurcation Point: Search for a New Strategic Model

#2. Noah’s Caste
China's Bifurcation Point: Search for a New Strategic Model

In the last period every year the global economy was increasingly dependent on the pace of China’s economy development, on which many countries have traditionally pinned their hopes for successful exit from the crisis. 2015 has clearly and unequivocally demonstrated the tendency of Chinese critical instability increase. There are many reasons, and one of the most important was the change in the US policy — termination of “quantitative easing” programs, which determines conditions of demand for Chinese goods and the volume of their exports. Once and for all the credit character of “successful” China’s economic growth became apparent, the possibility of obtaining the effect from realizing the model of financial incentives to China’s national economy through increasing the volume of loans and investments is almost exhausted. The main conclusion: there is a direct correlation between the consequences of investment and industrial glut in China due to extreme economic growth and strengthening of structural economic and financial disproportions laying the contours of inevitably arising from them a new round of Chinese and the global economic crises.

“Soft Power” Tools of the People’s Republic of China in Its Relations with the World and Global Organizations (1949–2015 Biennium)

#8. Logic and ethic of fake
“Soft Power” Tools of the People’s Republic of China in Its Relations with the World and Global Organizations (1949–2015 Biennium)

The article traces China’s evolution from a closed state with fierce international censorship to the world’s cultural and economic center of power. The author specifies the periods of China’s formation as an active international actor in global organizations, cultural and educational environment for foreigners, as well as an information center for the world’s media. The paper deals with the stages of China’s gradual transition to the status of the country attractive for investment, it quotes the numbers and evidence of China’s concrete steps towards multilateral strengthening of its international image.

Journey to the East. The Tree of Life Mystery

#1. Beyond Design Basis Evaluations

The Urantia Book contains surprising and sometimes shocking information about the origin and evolution of man, about the Universe organization and its spiritual commencement.

Russia and China: cooperation for the sake of development and safety

#8. Is a burden of one’s own choice is not felt?

Neither Russia, nor China don’t aspire to create any unions and the alliances directed against the third countries.

End of Catch-Up Model of Modernization and Search for New Ways

#3. Green question

Today’s concepts of modernization do not deny the necessity of borrowing the best practices of the East and the West, but in general focus on such methods of modernization, which keep in mind national goals and a variety of ways to achieve them, including the search for genuine methods.