Carlos Prats — Commander Era of Profound Change

#5-6. Five Scenarios for a Century
Carlos Prats — Commander Era of Profound Change

September 11, 1973 in Chili was a military coup. It was not the usual type of rebellion garrison, and well-planned military operation, the of which was made a combined attack using aircraft, artillery and infantry. The rebels were immediately engaged all public and government agencies. The officers refused to support the coup were shot. In a coup toppled President Salvador Allende and the ruling National Unity. To power a military junta, led by General Augusto Pinochet, who succeeded General Cаrlos Prats, a prominent military and political statesman of Chili, which will be discussed in this article. The article tells about the time of his command of the Chilean army, and climax in his military career. His role in the dramatic events which took place in Chile in the 70th of the XX century. Also shows traces of his personal diary, in which General Prats wrote that meant for his country during the government of Salvadore Allende and what was the real role of the armed forces in the political process of the country.

The Concept of “Network-Centric” War for the Russian Army: “Force Multiplier” or a Mental Trap?

#5. The Forerunners of Memory

In recent discussions of future wars character and methods of future warfare Russian authors in their works often use such terms as “network-centric”, “network” war, “network-centric warfare”, “network-centric operations”, “network-centric counteraction”, “network-centricity”,”universal network-centric tools” and etc. up to “defensive network-centricity “. At the same time authors sometimes attribute quite different meanings and significance to these concepts. Just the meaning of the term “network-centric war”, the possibility and feasibility of applying “network-centric” war concept to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are referred to in the article.

State Security under Threat!

#3. Expectation of Light

The President speaks about modernization, but only trifling sum was allocated for those five key areas of modernization, which he outlined in his Address. Funding is neither provided for development of the real sector of economy. You can formulate brilliant ides, you can make world-class discoveries, but there will be nowhere to implement them. We have no machinery construction, no aviation industry, the automotive industry does not develop, robotics is neglected and very little is invested in space.

Military Potential of the Top 100 Countries In the World

#1. Hollywood as a password

At present only the United States correspond in full to the level of a superpower. Russia is still close to this level, but by such indicators as production of weapons in the whole spectrum of modern systems, the strength of the armed forces and equipment of high-precision weapons, advanced systems of control and communication there is a substantial gap with the U.S.