Modern Requirements for Appraisers Training in Russia

#3. For Nothing, or an Invisible Threat
Modern Requirements for Appraisers Training in Russia

Accumulated systemic problems in the appraisal sphere caused a serious crisis of appraisal activity’s self-regulation, lack of mutual understanding between the regulatory body and appraisal community. At the same time, active reforms in the field of higher education and in the sphere of professional appraisal activity have changed the requirements for training appraisers. The article presents analysis of the programs for professional retraining and further skills development of appraisers at several dozen educational institutions, as well as analysis of requirements for higher education programs in the field of appraisal activity. The paper also analyses topics, sources of information, glossaries of basic terms and exam questions for holding a qualification examination in the field of appraisal activity in terms of their use in educational process and improving the training program for appraisers.

Joint And Several Liability — the Main Mechanism In the Self-Regulatory Organizations

#10. Time-out?

Representatives of the professional community always better than any official know how to adjust the market correctly, especially if they are accountable to the same official, to the municipality, to the subject of the Russian Federation, to the state and, above all, to consumers.