Author page: Natalia Raiskaya

Borderline State

#8. The Repertoire of Domination
Borderline State

The paper considers changes of the “Economic Strategies” opportunistic index (OIES) for January – October 2013. The contribution of supply and demand indices into OIES is estimated. Industrial production analysis is performed.

Steady Decrease

#5. The Forerunners of Memory

The Russian economy continues to deliver distressing news. In the first five months of 2013 market index of “Economic Strategies” (MIES) grew up by only 3.1 points. The article authors examine in detail the current state of the Russian economy in January – May 2013.

Recession Approach

#4. Cognitive Dissonance

The global economy is bringing more and more positive news. Vivid evidence of the general optimistic mood — stock indices.

Russian Economy in 2012-2014: Trends, Analysis, Forecast

Market Pessimism

#1. Beyond Design Basis Evaluations

Major indicators dynamics of “Economic Strategy” market index (MIES) has negative character. In octobernovember MIES decreased by 1 point, and the industrial production index — by 1.3 points.

Economic Activities in the Grip of Stagnation

#10. Talkative Times

In the conditions of common market restrictions enterprises master new survival strategies to ensure their sustainable production and profit even in the face of uncertainty.

Indicator of the Economy

#9. Triupmh of chronophages

A market index of the “Economic strategies” (MIES) shows how the trends of economic development in Russia are changing, to what extent the economic situation in Russia is favourable for business.