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Pit of Ten and a Half Miles Deep, or the Deadlock of Strategic Dualism

Analysis of the main trends in the Russian appraisal industry showed that in modern conditions the main competitive advantage of the company operating in the appraisal market is its adaptability, ability to form and promote its own brand, performers’ qualification, allowing to quickly increase the quality of rendered services, attention to technological and organizational innovations. Namely to these criteria correspond the companies included in the top 50 most strategic Russian appraisal companies

With the Speed of Tsunami?

#8. Hunting for Scientists
With the Speed of Tsunami?

The authors of the article examine the place of the world telecommunications industry in the process, called “Industry 4.0”. The article also considers the main technology trends within the industry. On the basis of experts’ opinions survey the authors conclude that the major trend in telecommunications field is the development of 5G networks and commercial distribution of SDN and NFV technologies. The basic tendencies of economic development of the global market largest players and the situation in the Russian telecommunications market are considered.