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Revolutionary Solutions in the Evaluation

#4. The Square of Transformation
Revolutionary Solutions in the Evaluation

Improved methodology of state cadastral valuation, absence of frequent revision of its results in the future – one of the key components of developing investment strategies in real estate and construction markets. Kirill Y.Kulakov, the first deputy general director of the Center for Property Independent Expertise, a member of the Council on evaluation activities at the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the MGSU professor, doctor of economic sciences, FRICS, in his interview with “ES” magazine told about these, as well as other large-scale legislative innovations in the sphere of assessment activities.

Crimea, Mortgages, Education: What’s New for the Appraiser?

#4. Why that is needed?
Crimea, Mortgages, Education: What’s New for the Appraiser?

In his interview with the “ES” magazine Kirill Kulakov, the First Deputy General Director of “Center for Independent property expertise” (CIPE), doctor of economic sciences, MGSU professor told about the specific aspects of appraisal activities in Crimea. Special attention according to K. Kulakov should be paid to professional appraisers training system — it is necessary to develop new educational programs, “it’s requirement of time associated with legislation changes, with development of new methods, information technology”.

Fundamental Changes as a Condition for Preserving Valuation

#4. Cognitive Dissonance

The situation formed in the National Council of valuation activities (NCVA), in fact, represents the split of valuation community.

Russia’s Appraisal in Transition Period

#1. Beyond Design Basis Evaluations

If for one particular company 20 years — a huge period, for the whole industry it is rather the formation period with its inherent problems of growth and professional recognition.

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