Author page: Christoph Stuckelberger

Social and Ethical Responsibility of Business

#5. Digital Agitation
Social and Ethical Responsibility of Business

Any company is responsible to society and the state in which it operates. First of all, the very process of establishing a company, regardless of its comfort degree, is a legal act, in most cases certified by the state. Thus it also becomes the most important stakeholder for the company, which is considered by the state at least as a taxpayer and creator of new jobs. The state can create special conditions for firms’ formation and functioning (all kinds of preferences) if it is required to implement any state programs, for example, the program of infrastructure development, technology development, etc.

Ethical Business Practices is a Key Global Issue

#3. Green question

The ethical market economy should be based on the following principles: modest growth, stability, care, ability to share, focus on the needs, economic development with a human face and a long-term profit optimization. Under present conditions a balance between government regulation and free market relations is required.