Author page: Alexander Zapesotsky

The Quality of Public Education — Key to the Revival of Russia’s Majesty

#2. The Ice Age

Universities let out into adult life morally unrooted and socially irresponsible individuals, easily finding justification for any actions related to short-term benefit, and this becomes the norm.

Historical Debate between Capitalism and Socialism as a Dialogue of Cultures

#6-7. Springs of Surprises

Wealth is valuable only to the extent that it contributes to social progress, to spiritual and moral development of society and the individua.

Is Modernization of Russia Amid Crisis of Social-Cultural Sphere Possible?

#1. Crossing Parallels

Today it is appropriate to think: whether modernization can be accomplished under the conditions of spiritual and moral crisis, cultural degradation of the country, of a depression of immensely large proportion of the population?